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Before Joy Mining Machinery leveraged Inventor 3D mechanical design software, mining and bolting the roof were handled by two cumbersome machines. Now, mining professionals can multitask in tight spaces with a single piece of equipment.

Chris Flynn
Director of Engineering Systems, Joy Mining Machinery
Using hands-on exercises representing real-world, industry-specific design scenarios, students/ participants will explore the fundamental concepts and workflows. Students/participants will learn how to create conceptual designs, document them and generate stunning presentations in 2D and 3D. Courseware will also teach students how to present their documents and designs, using visualization tools such as visual styles, models, project management, materials, and visual representations.
The increasing openness and globalization of the world economy has made it clear that to compete in the global business environment, individuals and organizations must be able to leverage CAD technology effectively, at all levels of the career development, to fulfill their immediate and long term strategic objectives. Many organizations have achieved maximum efficiency, greater productivity and significant savings in cost after using the world class software solutions. But the latest CAD knowledge is not always easily accessible. That’s where  COSTECH COMPUTERS LIMITED come in.
COSTECH advances the way architects and engineers use 3D technology to design, develop, and manage complex engineering projects. Customers include organizations in the building, infrastructure, manufacturing and facilities management industries looking to gain competitive advantages through technology, professional services, training, and support.


  • Enhanced skills and recognition: Project Management & Autodesk Certification provides validation of your skills and knowledge along with    recognition of your achievements.
  • Electronic certificate: Once certified, you receive access to an electronic   certificate, suitable for printing and framing. You may reprint this certificate as often as you like.
  • Certification logo: After passing the certification exam, you will receive the official   Autodesk certification logo identifying you as Autodesk Certified, which you can use on business cards, résumés, and  letterheads.
  • Immediate diagnostic feedback: Whether or not you pass the exam, you will receive immediate feedback on areas to improve your Autodesk application skills.
  • Listing in the Certified Professionals Database: Once certified, you can choose to have     your contact information and certifications listed in our publicly available database. This is an excellent way to demonstrate   your certification status to prospective employers.

Development Approach

COSTECH advances participants skills with the software regularly used, We offer a variety of instructor-led and self-paced learning:

  • Classroom Training – We have 4 training facilities in Lagos, Portharcourt and Abuja which are air-conditioned and fully equipped with state of the art audio visual learning systems for conducive learning. One of our Abuja facilities has a capacity for 30 students but we also have access to larger facilities that can host a larger audience.
  • Online training – instructor-led, interactive, online training
  • e-Learning – self-paced, online training featuring CAD Learning video content
  • Blended Learning – Self-paced learning with a weekly instructor-led lab

Custom –  Our curricula designed to incorporatesyour models, data sets, processes and workflows

Time Table

1 3D design Model & Documentation of process


AutoCAD Plant 3D Chemical & Instrumentation Engineers SEPT/OCT Lagos     Abuja      P/Harcourt

10- 20    25-27        4-6

2 Computer Aided Design of Electrical control  System AutoCAD Electrical Electrical Electronics Engineers OCTOBER Lagos      Abuja     P/Harcourt

4-6           11-13      18-20

3 Computer Aided Design & Analysis of Concrete Structures Robot Structural Civil & Structural Engineers and Builders OCT/NOV Lagos      Abuja     P/Harcourt

18-20        25-27     1 -3

4 3D Mechanical Designs, Simulation & Digital Prototyping Inventor Professional Mechanical & Instrumentation Engineers OCT/NOV Lagos      Abuja     P/Harcourt

25-27       1-3           8-10



5 3D Model of Sustainable Solutions to Infrastructure, Transportation & Land Development Design AutoCAD Civil 3D Civil Engineers NOVEMBER Lagos       Abuja     P/Harcourt

1-3             8-10         15-17

6 Fundamentals of Computer Aided Design for Drafting, Annotation, Modeling, & Animations AutoCAD 2017 All Professions NOV/DEC Lagos       Abuja     P/Harcourt

15-17        22-24       29-1

7 3D Design of Structural Models & Detailing with Integration of BIM Revit Structural Civil & Structural Engineers & Builders NOV/DEC Lagos      Abuja      P/Harcourt

22-24       29-1         6-8




Are you looking to take a big career step in building design and construction? If you’re ready to showcase yourself and your skills, become a Certified Professional with Autodesk Revit Architecture®. Revit® building design software includes features for architectural design and construction. Becoming an Autodesk Certified Professional can lead to accelerated career development, improved productivity, and enhanced credibility. In short, it can help get you where you want to go.

PREPARE FOR SUCCESS: Your preparation for the exam will be critical. As Autodesk’s exclusive provider for the Certified Professional program, Certiport makes Autodesk Revit Architecture® certification easier with a powerful three-step pathway:

1. LEARN: Obtain the skills you need to use Autodesk Revit Architecture® at a professional level. Certiport offers content-rich textbooks, online courseware, video resources, and more.

2. PRACTICE: Refine your skills with interactive exampreparation tools and practice tests. Build the confidence you need to take the Autodesk Revit Architecture® Certified Professional Exam.

3. CERTIFY: Validate your skills by passing the exam and receiving your official certificate.


As an Autodesk Revit Architecture® Certified Professional, you’ll enjoy several career-boosting benefits:

• Prove your skill level with an official, industry-standard credential recognized by employers.

• Display the Autodesk Certified logo and your certificate.

• Include your name in the database of Autodesk Certified Professionals.


There’s no substitute for training and hands-on experience as you prepare for your Certified Professional exam. Costech computer limited recommends the following. For comparison, we’ve also included information for Autodesk Certified User.

  • Certified User Training — Revit Architecture® 2011–2015 course (or equivalent) Hands-on Experience — 50 hours.
  • Certified Professional Training — Revit Architecture® 2015 course (or equivalent).
  • Hands-on Experience — 400 hours.


Refer to the chart on this page for a list of skills
covered by this exam.

The Autodesk Certified Professional exam contains 35
questions. The majority of these require you to use Revit
Architecture to create or modify a data file, and then
type your answer into an input box. Other question types
include multiple choice, matching, and point-and-click.
You will have a two-hour time limit (in some countries,
the time limit may be extended).

The chart below shows you the skills you will be
expected to demonstrate on the Pro exam, as compared
with those on the User exam. Keep in mind that some
of the skills listed may not be tested on your specific
certification exam; however, you should be prepared to
demonstrate your mastery of them all.



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